What is Hospice Care?

It may be a sad fact that people die and leave. They may know about this reality, but they still do something to help others live longer. Fighting a terminal disease until the last days of one’s life, however, may be stressful. This is why hospice care exists as it aims to lessen the burden of patients with terminal disease. Here are some of the things you may want to know about this kind of facilities.

What is hospice care?

This is a special humane and compassionate kind of care for patients who have a terminal disease or serious illness. Medical services, spiritual resources, and emotional support are provided. It is like having a support system to help those who are about to die.

This, however, is not the care that focuses on curing the disease. It is the patient who is trying to be cured instead. It also does not make life longer. Its focus is giving the patients improved quality life until their last days. This is done by managing and controlling the symptoms as to lessen the pain being experienced by the patients. This, in turn, may help the patient to still be alert and comfortable.

It may be painful to see your family or relative suffering from a terminal disease. As such, services for supporting the family of the patient are also provided. The patient and family are also involved in decision making.

Who are the patients that may consider this?

There may be instances when patients have tried all the possible treatments and still did not work out. Others may have terminal diseases that are continuously progressing. There are patients who want to put their diseases that are already terminal in home care. They may want to live comfortably as possible with their family involved in the care. Patients, on the other hand, may have about six months or less to live according to their doctor. Patients with same experiences like this may consider this kind of care.

Engaging in this kind of care does not mean that one is giving up or losing hope. As mentioned earlier, it is for the quality of life. Patients may be out of the program if they are getting better. They may go back whenever the situation demands to.

What are the hospice care settings?

This program may be provided at homes, hospice centers, hospitals, and nursing facilities. Putting diseases that are already terminal in home care is the most common choice of patients. They may want to spend their last days with their family in their own home. Others may not like the idea of dying in the hospital with several equipment attached to their body.

Home hospice care may include a primary caregiver or key team member. This is the family member who has the most time to spend and take care of the patient. Hands-on care and supervision of the patient are some tasks of the primary caregiver. Doctors, nurses, or other health professionals may visit your home from time to time. Home health aides, spiritual counselors, volunteers, social workers, and bereavement counselors are other people that may help you in the program.

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